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Hell on the Humber Reloaded – Helloween Madness – 25th October 2014

Hannah Bailey took part in Hell on the Humber Reloaded – Helloween Madness on 25th October 2014 to raise money for Abbies Fund Memory Boxes.

“Hell On the Humber, or HOTH as it’s affectionately known by the competitors who return year after year to test themselves against this brutal event, takes place on the world famous Humber Bridge, and is truly an endurance race like no other.

Competitors start the race on the third Saturday in August and run, jog, walk or crawl their way through 6, 12 or 24 hours of soul destroying and body breaking 4 mile laps of the bridge walkway, racking up as many miles as they can before crossing the finish line at 7am on Sunday.  It’s tough, it’s challenging, and it hurts like nothing else you can imagine, and you will hate the race at some point.

We can guarantee that whether you’re a novice, or the most experienced of Ultra runners, you will hurt and you will want to quit. You’ll rationalise and reason to find a way out; or your body will simply start to fail. Have you got what it takes to keep going and join the small and exclusive group of HOTH finishers?

We don’t call HOTH an Ultra event as such, though it’s entirely possible that it could be for you, if that’s your choice.  We prefer to refer to HOTH as an endurance race, as everybody is different and you don’t necessarily need to complete a distance over 26 miles to challenge your own endurance.  As long as you meet the minimum requirements and follow the rules, you’re welcome to step forward and put your name on the list. Don’t let the enormity of the challenge intimidate you, with preparation and a positive mind you can achieve your goal and finish this most challenging of events.  We’re also very nice to novices, so don’t feel you’ll be intimidated by serious runners only!

Do it on your own, or as a team of three, whichever race format you choose is equally as testing, just in different ways.

Want More?

HOTH Reloaded – Helloween Madness – Helloween 2014

On the last Saturday in October we reload HOTH and run a special 6 hour version of the race, called Helloween Madness. Competitors are usually invited from those who have completed the longer race in August, and the event is always fancy dress.  It may be shorter but it’s no less of a challenge, the cold temperatures take care of that.

The theme for Helloween 2014 is clowns… Come dressed to impress!”


It was a massive challenge and we really appreciate her support – thanks Hannah!