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Our Memory Boxes

We were provided with an empty¬†memory box by the midwife immediately after Abbie’s delivery. She took hand and footprints and a lock of Abbie’s hair as keepsakes for us. We had planned to buy a memory box after we had left hospital, but this removed the emotional¬†trauma of searching for one at a time when we were consumed with grief.¬† For this we were extremely grateful.

From our experiences following Abbie’s death and the¬†keepsakes we bought that gave us comfort that¬†now make up¬†Abbie’s memory box, and by¬†researching similar projects in other areas of the country, we have put together a box of keepsakes and ideas that we hope will help parents who find themselves¬†in this situation.¬†¬†Our memory boxes (pink memory box for girls and¬†blue memory box for boys) include the following:

We also provide ‘Early Loss Memory Boxes’ which include similar content to the memory boxes above, but are smaller boxes and¬†have smaller teddies and blankets inside.

We hope this small gift to parents will provide them with some comfort at this devastating time.