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23 hours ago

Dear all! Please please can I ask you to click on the link below ( to nominate Abbie's Fund to give us the chance to potentially receive £1000. The more votes we get the more chances we get to be 'picked'. It only takes a minute. You just need our registered charity number ......


Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!! ❤️🥰😍😘🤞🤞 Xx
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2 weeks ago

On this Bereaved Mother’s Day (and every day) I have so much love for all my fellow loss Mamas and I have so much love for the community we have built.

I want everyone to know just how amazing we are.

They call me Mama. After you lose your child, you ache for the chance to be the mother or the father that you dreamed of being. These are the people who see you for who you are; the parent of your beautiful baby.

They are creative. I am constantly in awe of the talent that this community possesses. Every spark of their creativity is lit by the love for their children.

They are considerate. Even though their own burdens are heavy, they never hesitate to help others carry their load.

They look at life in the most beautiful way. Looking through the lens of a shattered heart lets you see extraordinary things.

They never let me settle. When loss has touched your life you realize how important it is to leave nothing behind for yourself. My community wants me to seize every opportunity and to never sacrifice my self love.

They are always there. Literally. Our community spans the globe. There is a member in every time zone. This means that, at any moment, someone is there when we need them.

They are fierce. Seriously. Do not mess with us. We are the strongest group of people I know.

They are vulnerable. Everyday they face the world with open arms and raw emotion. To be this vulnerable, it requires a power beyond measure.

They are the most amazing parents. Parenting a child that you can’t hold or see is the hardest job there is, but this group does it with such grace and spirit. Our babies are so loved.

They know. My story, my pain, my love for my child; they know it all.
They love me because of it all, not in spite of it all.

And I love them too.

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2 weeks ago

I remember when I announced my pregnancy and you said, “Congratulations, Mama.”

I remember when my bump started showing and you squealed, “You look so good, Mama!”

I remember at my baby shower when you asked, “Are you ready for this Mama?”

And then, I had to tell you that my baby died. You told me you were so sorry. You cried with me. But, you didn’t call me Mama.

Oh, how I wish you had still called me Mama.

You were so quick to call me Mama before. All it took were two little lines for you to believe in my motherhood. It was so simple for you to look at my growing belly and call me Mama. Until one day, you just stopped.

Why did you stop? Is it because you stopped believing in my motherhood?

Is it because my arms are empty that I have lost the privilege of being called Mama?

I believe I deserve that title more than ever. Not only am I a mother, I am the mother of a child I will never again wrap my arms around. I must parent a child that I will never again see. It is the most difficult kind of mothering there is. I am a mother who needs to hear that word the most. It’s all I have left.

Even though my baby died, you can still call me ‘Mama.’

I know it’s not so easy to call me Mama anymore. You worry that it is a reminder that my arms are, in fact, empty. It might feel like you are reminding me of all that I have lost.

I will live the rest of my life aware that my child is missing.

I have lost so much that can’t be given back. This one little word is my tie to everything I wished for and can no longer have. By calling me Mama, you can give something back to me.

Your loving words are proof that my journey to motherhood didn’t end when my baby’s life did.

#motherhood #mama #thisismotherhood #stillbirth #miscarriage #ihadamiscarriage #babyloss #pregnancyloss #infantloss #stillbornstilloved #ectopicpregnancy #molarpregnancy #tfmr #childloss #grief #grieving #stillamama #stillamum #recurrentpregnancyloss #recurrentmiscarriage
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3 weeks ago

Dear all, please share this with friends who may be interested. We are so grateful that the Woodmansey Jubilee Gala has chosen Abbie's Fund as their charity to support for their Jubilee events. Please like and follow their page for more info on what fabulous events they are planning!! Xx ... See MoreSee Less

Dear all, please share this with friends who may be interested. We are so grateful that the Woodmansey Jubilee Gala has chosen Abbies Fund as their charity to support for their Jubilee events. Please like and follow their page for more info on what fabulous events they are planning!! XxImage attachment

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Helena Snaith

3 weeks ago

It was fab to pop along to The Beverley Barn this morning to support their charity event in aid of Abbie's Fund ❤️💙. It really is such a beautiful venue with lots of gorgeous cookies and cakes generously donated by local businesses. Do go if you can 🥰🥰.

It was really lovely to meet Yasmin Clappison and team from Beverley Barn as well as The Sugar Shack Hull , @PepsFlouryPantry, and BAKE That and PARTY who all kindly donated to today's event. And many thanks to J&M Bouncetastic for kindly donating soft play for the event xx Thank you all so much 💙❤️🥰 xxxx
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Lovely to meet you this morning 🥰

1 month ago

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Beautiful ❤️❤️

1 month ago

Sending much love to you all this Easter 💙❤️🤍 xxxx ... See MoreSee Less

Sending much love to you all this Easter 💙❤️🤍 xxxx

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Back at ya Lovely xx 🐣 xx

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1 month ago

When my baby died, I couldn’t understand why it had happened to me.

So imagine my surprise, and heartache, when others managed to find reasons for my baby dying.

“Now you know that you’re ready to be a mother.”

“She died to show you how much you loved her.”

“Maybe you weren’t really ready for a baby.”

“Her death will help you be grateful for what you have.”

And my personal favorite–“If she hadn’t died, your other daughter wouldn’t be here.”

According to those around me, my daughter died because I had lessons to learn. She was sent to me and taken away so that I could become a better person.

That pissed me off.

Why me? Was I such an awful person that I needed a tragedy like this in order to earn my keep in this world?

Eventually, I realized there was no reason for my daughter’s death. I had not experienced two miscarriages and a stillbirth because I had a lesson to learn.

I was a good person whether my babies lived or died. They didn’t die so that I could prove my worth and my strength.

My babies died because sometimes babies die.

Babies don’t die because people need to learn life lessons. Babies don’t die for some greater purpose. Sometimes babies just die.

And when it happens, it hurts like hell.

It’s unfair.

It makes no sense.

It’s not anyone’s job to make sense of it. If people really want to help, they will offer support. Not guidance or advice, but validation and comfort.

Yes, life after the death of a baby continues. Lessons will be learned and experiences will be had. But that’s not BECAUSE a baby died. Babies die AND life continues on.

#NotEverythingHappensForAReason #stillbirth #miscarriage #ectopicpregnancy #molarpregnancy #tfmr #infantloss #babyloss #grief #grieving #chemicalpregnancy #earlymiscarriage #recurrentmiscarriage #recurrentpregnancyloss #pregnancyloss #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #pregnancylossawareness #infantlossawareness #stillbirthawareness #miscarriageawareness
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Sending big hugs to those affected by baby loss 🤗🤗🤗

It is appalling some of the things people say.

1 month ago

An order of early loss memory boxes for the L&D suite at Hull Women & Children's collected today 💙❤️💙❤️ xxx ... See MoreSee Less

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